Music Is Life  

Music is Life

Music Is Love

Music feeds the soul and breathes life into us

This passion to create is a gift from God

It's an energy source  

A staple food of goodness, that keeps us wanting more  

It's the life blood in our veins that keep our hearts beating

That prevents us from going insane -

For this Musical Magic      

Is Heavenly bound

That keeps us creating

Like a fountain it flows

That keeps going on and on    




Trini Talk 

This is your gal Nicole from the Caribbean twin island of Trinidad & Tobago . I can certainly tell you about 'd lingo' of my homeland. One thing for sure, Trinis Love to 'Ole talk', give each other fatigue and get kicks off of each other; what we call "Picong.  We sure to have you laughing all night long.

We love we "Trini Talk" yes,. in what we say and how we say what we say. It's a fun filled dialect packed with entertainment. done the Trini Stye way. 


Sweet Spots

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